Sidecar78 gave a wonderful performance at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s Music in the Atrium series! Their eclectic repertoire and stories to accompany each piece engaged the audience and the musicality of the group is of the highest caliber. We can’t wait until their next performance!

Andrew Ascenzo, Artistic Director, Music in the Atrium, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Today, time rolled back for many of us.  
Back to the days of great dance bands.
The ones we would go to dance with our loved ones. 
Many others found there the dance partner for the rest of their lives.
How nice it is to hear music of those days played so well, unlike the music of today.
So let them play away for the rest of our days.
For there is so much joy to be found in their sound.

A fabulous performance! Sidecar78 tailored their show to fit our target market perfectly, and as a result our patrons left the concert with memorable music in their hearts and broad smiles on their faces!! As Gershwin would say “Who could ask for anything more?”

Tom Joyce, Music on the Donway, Donway Covenant United Church

I’m a guest here.  My mother was a jazz singer at the 35 Club in New Jersey and played Vera at Off Broadway at Pal Joey and put on many, many shows and she really enjoyed the performance today.  And you do what you love and love what you do and it really shows. Thank you very much for coming.

I’ve always been an avid jazz lover and your group was absolutely fantastic.  Please come back, in fact I will tell Kate right away, to invite you back.

The residents absolutely loved your show and they would like to have you come back. They liked the saxophone and all of you dressed up.

Annika Ewart, Wellness & Vitality CoordinatorAmica at the Balmoral Club

It’s a wonderful time. I remember all the dances and the Teddy Bears Picnic. Everything was a delight.

This is the best group I’ve heard in a long time. They’re 4 saxophone players that have great harmony and a lot of fun playing and you can tell they enjoy the music. They make everybody else happy. I’d go back to hear them again. Great show!

I have just heard this delightful quartet play and they are absolutely fantastic. So, if ever you can listen to them, do everything you can.